In propositional logic, NOR introduces the double negative statement. “-x-=+” becomes a key process that we appropriate in the production of architecture. In an increasingly global and digitalized world, the identity of architecture is constantly put into crisis and architects frequently attempt to correct its course by making radicalized manifestoes. Our instincts deviate from such a path and try to find another way of navigation across cultures, geographies, and cities. NOR is thought as a middle ground: neither good nor bad, neither governed nor autonomous, neither here nor there. It moderates various contradictions in motion, maximizing each factor's potential by creating a field where none is reducible.
STUDIO NOR is an architectural practice founded in Beijing and Shanghai by Boyuan Jiang and Yuchen Guo. NOR works at multiple scales and fields, from building and landscape to interior and art installation. NOR sees design as a balancing act between body and object, form and space, concept and making, comfort and sensation.
Boyuan received his Master of Architecture degree from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University after he graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Architecture) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He co-founded Studio NOR in Beijing and Shanghai. Boyuan grew up in Beijing.
姜伯源 | 合伙人
YUCHEN GUO | Partner
Guo graduated with a Master of Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Engineering at Hong Kong University. Guo co-founded Studio YUDA in Nashville and Studio NOR in Shanghai. Guo grew up in Guangzhou.
郭宇辰 | 合伙人